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fibreglass GRP batten

Standard Profiles - Glass & Carbon Fibre

Glass Fibre Bar - Unidirectional, Polyester Matrix 

RBJ’s fibreglass GRP batten, GRP strip and GRP bar are pultruded in a polyester matrix to BS EN 13706 specifications. Small cross-section profiles are usually manufactured using a unidirectional fibreglass orientation with a smooth surface finish. In larger profiles the fibreglass layup is a combination of multi layered cross-ply glass fibre fabrics with a smooth surface finish, giving an enhanced across the axis strength for all round excellent mechanical properties.

Vinyl ester resins are also available upon request.

The following fibreglass profiles are typically stocked in 5 metre lengths in white. Other colours and lengths available on request.*

*Minimum order required.

Dark grey rows - Non stock items, minimum order requirement

Note: All dimensions are nominal sizes (die sizes)
Width Thickness
6.35mm 6.35mm 
10mm 10mm
12mm 8mm
15mm 3.35mm 
15mm 15mm
20mm 10mm
24mm 2.5mm
25mm 3.2mm
25mm 4mm
25mm 4.76mm
25mm 4.9mm
25mm 12mm
25mm 25mm
27mm 4mm
29mm 4mm
27mm 7mm
29mm 7mm
31.8mm 4.8mm
32mm  3mm 
35mm 4mm 
38mm  3mm 
38mm  12mm 
40mm  3mm 
40mm  6mm 
40mm 10mm 
45mm  10mm 
50mm  5mm 
50mm  12mm 
50mm 20mm 
50mm  2mm 
60mm  3mm 
80mm 4mm 
100mm  6mm 
140mm  3mm 
150mm 5mm 
Diamond Batten 140mm  3mm 
Diamond Batten 160mm  6mm